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The Side Saddlery

Side Saddles for Sale, Used, New and Consigned

Looking for the right side saddle? One that fits you and the horse? We'll work hard to help you find your perfect side saddle.

The Side Saddlery has moved from West Virginia (where it has been for the last 8 years) to Branchburg, NJ! Please give the new managers time to sort and organize the stock. Same great service from one of the oldest all side saddle stores in the country!

It can be hard to select a saddle long distance. The Side Saddlery will work with you to help you find the right saddle for you & your horse. We can use a back tracing to narrow the selections to those that may reasonably Instructions for a back tracingcan be found on the ISSO Web Page.

We offer trial period to see if the saddle you selected is the right one for you. See information on our 7 day trial period.

Do you have a side saddle to sell? The Side Saddlery Accepts Consignments! Here is the Consignment Form. Please call or email to discuss your consignment before shipping it to us!

Looking for the right NEW saddle? One that fits you and the horse? Need repairs to your vintage or antique saddle? We can build your dream saddle or repair your vintage or antique saddle. See our RESTORATIONS AND NEW SADDLES PAGE

Feel free to contact The SideSaddlery for more information on any of these saddles!.


Mayhew side saddle - 21" seat, doeskin pommels. On a Wykham. SOLD before it hit our webpages!

Martin & Martin hunting saddle. 20 3/4" X 12". Wide doeskin pommels, doeskin seat, Bullseye breakaway fitting.Leather panels. Ds for breast collar and sandwich case. $2,000

Whippy side saddle on a Wykham pad. Cosmetically high mileage, but repairs are made so it is ready to ride. New billets, new balance stap, new seat padding with doeskin overlay. C&W breakaway fitting. Comes with stirrup leather with C&W fitting and stirrup iron. $1400 SOLD!

Mayhew Lissadel - beautiful old name hunting saddle with Virginia hunt field provenance. 22" seat. $2100

Older Mayhew Lissadel hunting saddle in nice condition. The saddle has the wide pommels that Mayhew is so well known for! The saddle took the last owner to many wins and championships before she retired. Withdrawn!

Champion & Wilton hunting saddle. The saddle has seen many miles, but ready for another rider! The pigskin seat has been recovered on the rear 1/3. Just arrived. $1500

Several smaller seated western side saddles out for restoration & due back this winter. Watch for some truly gorgeous Goodnight western saddles in 17" and 18" & 19" seats! Young ladies & shorter adults looking for a vintage western side saddle?

Knoud Park side saddle, 22" long X 13" wide seat. 5.5" gullet, hinge onoffside flap is removed to allow for fit on wide-sprung horses $1,900

Goodnight Western side saddle - unmarked as to maker, but extremely nice example of 1890's Western Goodnight. SOLD!

An early Champion & Wilton's on a Wykham pad. 22" seat with a patch to the nearside seat's seam - would not be seen when riding. EXTRA WIDE fit. $1,500 SOLD!

Whippy side saddle - reinforced for jumping, 21" pigskin seat, linen over serge panels, Cope's safety stirrup. 8" between the D rings, 16 inches between the points. Going out for minor touch up before going on the market.SOLD!

Whippy side saddle - reinforced for jumping. 20.5" pigskin seat, linen over serge paneles. Other than seat size, the tree is virtually identical to the Whippy above. Going out for minor touch up before going on the market.SOLD!

Dual-sided, REVERSIBLE side saddle - Top pommel AND leaping head switch to either side. Ride to the NEAR side or the OFF side! Vintage, made in France. Possibly a very early Hermes. Beautiful condition! $7,500

English side saddle - no maker's name. Pigskin top, leather panels, padded safe. Vintage saddle for the entry level rider. Lacks cutback, so not for high withered horses. English stirrup has unique leather hood as a safety feature. $950

This OFFSIDE Western Side Saddlehas been sold, but we can build one for you!

The newest Western Show Saddle from The Side Saddlery

The Silverado!

Goodnight saddle

From Pueblo, CO before 1900. Pueblo, CO was home to SC Gallup, Frazier and Flynn, the big name saddlers for Goodnight Western side saddles.

This saddle is unmarked, likely made by a saddler in one of these big shops as "apprentice work".

Champion & Wilton side saddle

Steele Equitation - adjustable seat size from 20" to 21" to 22"

For the wide horse. Not made for jumping!

Catalog Western Side Saddle
Vintage Montgomery Ward's Western Side Saddle SOLD!
Skyhorse Western Side Saddle built on a correct vintage tree!

English Side Saddle (likely a Whippy which has lost its paper label)

Used as the Demo for saddle cleaning at the ISSO side saddle weekend

Martin & Martin side saddle, reinforced for hunting & jumping. Mayhew breakaway assembly!

Champion & Wilton

Show condition - for the taller rider!



Side Saddle with Hunting and Showing provenance

Reinforced for jumping!

Vintage Summerset side saddle for the re-enactor

Hermes side saddle! Rare hunting saddle!


Hermes Side Saddle

Wilkinson & Kidd Park Saddle

Victorian Pilch Side Saddle - for the leadline Equestrienne! Looking for that special child rider, especially before the Devon horseshow?

Converts from a near side to an off side saddle! SOLD!


Beautiful 21"/16.5" Owen side saddle , reinforced for hunting & jumping. Refurbished by Rob Jenkins before being imported to the USA

Wide tree! SOLD!
Champion & Wilton hunting saddle - please contact the owner directly!

Goodnight Western Side Saddle made by T Flynn of Pueblo, Colorado


Goodnight Western side saddle
Older Champion & Wilton - great starter saddle at a reasonable price! SOLD!
1940's Whippy Show Saddle with small offside flap, exposed billets. Hunting, jumping or flat work. SOLD!

Martin & Martin Park Saddle


Goodnight Western Side Saddle

Double marked - S.C. Gallup AND R.T. Frazier


SC Gallup Goodnight Side Saddle

Robson of York

Beautiful hunting and show side saddle, made for the British colonies in India. External billets!

Note the unique ventilation holes for warm weather!


Robson of York Side Saddle

Swain Side Saddle

Wide saddle - has been used on Arabs, Arab crosses, Walkers and Warmbloods! SOLD!



Show and hunting side saddle with external billets


Mayhew Show Hunting side saddle


Newer side saddle built on an original Champion & Wilton tree.

Saddle plate on the cantle reads "Mistress" - was that the name of the saddle, the horse, or who the saddle was bought for?


Beautiful 22.5" Owen - hunt, jump, show, dressage! SOLD!

Rebuilt western side saddle on vintage Gaithwright & Freeman side saddle tree




Steele Equitation - can move top pommel from 20" to 22" seat! Wide tree! Not suited for jumping.




Mayhew Lissadell - a hunting and show saddle, heavily reinforced for jumping, suitable for dressage.

For the taller rider - with a 23" seat!


Mayhew Lissadell

Champion & Wilton for the petite rider

Show Condition! SOLD!


Skyhorse Custom Western Show Side Saddle - $4,500 Accepting Offers.

Beautiful 21" Western Show Side Saddle. Rose tooling, large silver conchos and stunning silver braid around the seat. Great shape but slight markings on the off side, perhaps can be buffed out or stained. They are so small I never bothered. Get noticed in the ring with this unique show saddle!

Alista Blose 484-228-7767


Swain #2 Wide saddle - has been used on Arabs and Arab crosses!

See it featured in Dressage Today, August 2011 issue!


Owen - 20", doeskin seat, linen panels. Very lucky saddle for previous owner, winning many championships. Needs new billets. $3,800 SOLD!

Lillian Western Side Saddle


Lillian Western side saddle

Vintage English-made side saddle.


Vintage side saddle with doeskin seat overlay, newer leather panels, some wear on the lower safe. Reinforced for jumping. Medium width. Seat 21.5-22" by 13" wide. Stirrup bar requires a safety stirrup, whch is included with this saddle! Great starter saddle!



Comal convertible side saddle.

Can convert from Western to English


Comal convertible side saddle

Owen Style side saddle for hunting or show.


Champion & Wilton - restored & ready for the hunter, show ring or dressage!


Martin & Martin #9 22" side saddle! Reinforced for hunting & jumping, bullseye safety assembly!


Martin & Martin side saddle
Sommerset Side Saddle, good condition, top recently redone. 18" seat, 14" width. Girth and Stirrup included. Please contact me at or call 831-970-8103 (California) for additional pictures. $500.00. SOLD!

Manor Grove Equxtra - modern, correct hunting and show side saddle from England

Reinforced for jumping!


Manorgrove Side Saddle

Owen Side Saddle


Owen Side Saddle

Niedersuss hunting, jumping & show side saddle


Niedersuss Side Saddle

Champion & Wilton on a Wykham!

Wonderful old name saddle on a versatile Wykham instead of panels!


Goodnight Western Side Saddle - El Paso, TX


Crane side saddle, dated July, 1864. Recently imported from England and restored by The Side Saddlery. Many unique transitional features.

SOLD at the ISSO Side Saddle weekend to a Civil War re-enactor!

Goodnight side saddle - built in Frazier's shop, but unmarked.


Frazier Goodnight side saddle

Knoud Park Side Saddle


Colorado Saddles Goodnight


Goodnight Western Side Saddle

Sold using our Payment Plan!


Martin & Martin side saddle

#DT M_M - reinforced for hunting & jumping!


Martin & Martin side saddle

#BB M_M - reinforced for hunting & jumping!


Larger Mayhew Lissadell from the 1920s. Seat 20" from the cutback, 24" from the front of the fixed head. Seller including girth, stirrup & leather, etc. The saddle was refurbished by Lillian Chaudhary of CA. Overgirth strap may still need to be replaced.

For this saddle, contact Marianna Marshall directly at or 209-675-1173

Owen Side Saddle

Hunting, jumping, showing!

Sold using our Payment Plan!

Owen 22 side saddle

Wide Whippy!

One of the great Old Name side saddles from England! Just back from our saddler for refurbishment.

SOLD - on our payment plan!

Steele Wild Rose Western Show Saddle

Circle Y doesn't make Western side saddles anymore, so The Side Saddlery has stepped in to fill the void!

Don't spend $3,000 or more on a Steele side saddle with simple tooling when you can have a unique piece of art to ride at a national show. Our saddles are premium skirting, hand carved in the Sheridan-style, continuing a Western tradition from the 19th century. Add your silver or use ours.

Your saddle will never be duplicated!


Used at the Arabian Nationals!

Champion & Wilton with a blocked head - rare saddle perfect for hunting & jumping with the improved grip!

Sold to Spain!


Champion & Wilton circa 1915

Sold on our Payment Plan!

Owen-style Child's side saddle

Restored by Smoky Everhart


Rare OFFSIDE Champion & Wilton

Reinforced for jumping. Pristine!


Child's Victorian lead line side saddle



Child's Martin & Martin Side Saddle

with M & M bullseye breakaway stirrup assembly!


Champion & Wilton saddle with a doeskin overlay!


The Western Rose - Western show side saddle.

Circle Y doesn't make Western side saddles anymore, so The Side Saddlery has stepped in to fill the void!

Don't spend $3,000 or more on a Steele side saddle with simple tooling when you can have a unique piece of art to ride at a national show. Our saddles are premium skirting, hand carved in the Sheridan-style, continuing a Western tradition from the 19th century. Add your silver or use ours.

Your saddle will never be duplicated!

Sheridan-style hand carving and basket-weave tooling, silver, memory foam seat, ISSO pommel on a Steele tree for a traditional ride.


SOLD, but you can have made just for you!

Militar Bolacet Side Saddle from Stockholm, Sweden

Very unusual Continental side saddle!



Sommerset side saddle! New balance strap & billets, rebuilt panels. Saddle has crupper and breast collar D rings. Offside has a small pocket. Seat 19", width 14". Comes with balance girth, stirrup assembly and orthopedic pad. Saddle is in great shape except for a small snag on the safe.


Contact Lana Waldron at 402-469-8781 or

1900 western side saddle with the top recently rebuilt by Monty Rathbun of Kennmick, WA. This side saddle has a crupper ring, breast collar rings, abag hook on the off side and rear latigos. Shearing underside. Tapadero stirrup. Girth straps and stirrup leather are new. The seat measures 17" from horn to 1" of cantle back and 14" wide.

$800 firm

Contact Lana Waldron at 402-469-8781 or

Pretal side saddle, perfect for the taller rider! The saddle was made in South America circa 1978. It is in excellent condition and ready for the show ring. Wide pommels, leather panels, billets in good condition. It has D rings for a sandwich case. The seat measures 24" from the front of the fixed head to the rear of the seat, and 14" wide.

The saddle comes with the stirrup leather, breakaway stirrup, & balance strap. A very comfortable & secure saddle! $1600


Antique catalog side saddle, circa 1894. Provenance - original owner from Happy Valley, NC and later on a plantation in Wilkesboro, NC. It is in fair condition overall, missing the stirrup. The leathers are present but broken where the stirrup rested. Cinch on off side and billets for girth in good condition. Overall the leather is very dry. It a historical piece or for very light use. Saddle was made without a leaping head.


Champion & Wilton

20.5" seat, medium-wide tree, show condition. Beautiful, lightly used saddle.


Martin & Martin with bullseye breakaway fitting, doeskin overlay on a 20.5" seat. Completely restored. Reinforced for jumping. Medium-wide. Beautiful saddle for showing or work over fences!



Whippy Side Saddle

All new billets, balance strap. Hard to find 22.5" seat. Wide tree. $1750


Whippy style, 21" seat, dark brown doeskin overlay on the seat, medium pommels, external billets. Older saddle that has been overhauled. Nicely flocked for a level ride! $1400


Turk of Cheltenham, England. Lesser known old name saddle. Fantastic hunting saddle!



Barnsby Side Saddle for show or hunting

GONE! to New Jersey!


New Steele Equitation (and other Steele Saddles)

Original Steeles made to order by a master craftsman! No short cuts - Only the BEST leather & craftsmanship.

Restored Western Show Side Saddle


Bridleways (Owen style) side saddle on correct, modern Aulton & Butler tree


Elan side saddle 20" seat. Great starter saddle!


Catalog Western side saddle - perfect for a smaller lady or a youth.

SOLD! To a youth Western rider in Canada.


Owen sidesaddle with wide tree, wide pommels, newer billets and underside. Doeskin seat and pommels, recently cleaned. This saddle is exceptionally clean, well cared for and is show ready. Seat measures 21 x 13. Saddle comes ready to ride with Owen breakaway stirrup fitting and new egg eye iron from Britain. Purchaser has choice of tri-fold girth with balance attach or new balance girth. Additional photos available upon request.

Asking $3250.00.

SOLD to a lady in Georgia on a payment plan!

Charra Saddle - 19" seat, medium tree. Grey suede seat, felt panels. A great western side saddle if you are just starting out. You MAY be able to convert this saddle to work as an offside saddle! $550. SOLD!

Lovely Comal 20"x13.5",6 1/4"gullet measured between the screws, extremely
wide tree. Great for a horse with no withers. No accessories included. Asking
$1000 plus shipping. For more pictures or info, contact

Champion & Wilton with peach doeskin


Mayhew Lissadell built with Champion & Wilton breakaway assembly!


Black Steele Equitation


Steele Convertible Side Saddle - convertible from English Pleasure to Western!

SOLD on payments to a lady in Virginia!

Alex Olgivie & Co, Glasgow



Champion & Wilton - 22" X 13" seat. Doeskin seat, pigskin wide pommels and leather panels. Just returned from our Master Saddler.



Doeskin Catalog Side Saddle - Completely RESTORED for the reenactor, parades, etc!

SOLD to a lady in New Mexico!

Rebuilt Mayhew side saddlefor the serious show rider or hunter. Extra wide tree, 22.5" X 13.5" seat.

Rebuilt by Michael Stokes of Virginia.


Near & Off Side Martin & Martin side saddle



Steele Wild Rose Western Show Saddle

Circle Y doesn't make Western side saddles anymore, so The Side Saddlery has stepped in to fill the void!

Don't spend $3,000 or more on a Steele side saddle with simple tooling when you can have a unique piece of art to ride at a national show. Our saddles are Sheridan-style hand carved leather, continuing a Western tradition from the 19th century. Add your silver or use ours.

Your saddle will never be duplicated!


Used at the Arabian Nationals!

1889 H.G. Haedrichof Philadelphia - Summerset side saddle. Rideable, perfect for re-enactors!

NEW Price!

This saddle has been SOLD on the payment plan.



A Stelzig of Houston Texas Goodnight Western Saddle


HELD on a payment plan! Going to Oregon!

Goodnight Western side saddle by the famous RT Frazier of Pueblo Colorado

HELD on a payment plan!

Pretal Side Saddle for the taller rider!

Withdrawn from consignment

Victorian Hunting side saddle


See other side saddles we have SOLD

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