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Side Saddles for Sale, Used, New and Consigned

Announcing the CHRISTMAS IN JULY sale! All saddles are 10% off the listed price for the month of July, 2015! Looking for the right side saddle? One that fits you and the horse? We'll work hard to help you find your perfect side saddle.

TSS Side Saddle Inventory - updated 8/15/15
It can be hard to select a saddle long distance. The Side Saddlery will work with you to help you find the right saddle for you & your horse. We can use a back tracing to narrow the selections to those that may reasonably fit. Instructions for a back tracing can be found on the ISSO Web Page.

We offer a trial period to see if the saddle you selected is the right one for you. See information on our 7 day trial period.

Looking for the right NEW saddle? One that fits you and the horse? Need repairs to your vintage or antique saddle? We can build your dream saddle or repair your vintage or antique saddle. See our RESTORATIONS AND NEW SADDLES PAGE.

Do you have a side saddle to sell? The Side Saddlery accepts consignments! Here is the Consignment Form. Please call or email to discuss your consignment before shipping it to us.

Feel free to contact The Side Saddlery for more information on any of these saddles!  Please note - side saddles come in all the time, so this inventory may not be complete at the time you view it.

Many thanks to Paws and Rewind LLC for taking some of our saddle pictures.

(Pictures of all saddles will be available shortly; where pictures are available, the saddle name/number  will appear as a link.)
Inventory # Price (US) Saddle Size Fit Fittings Notes
CONS5001 $7,500 French Reversible Side Saddle 20.5 x 12.5 MN NA roller bar Unique saddle can be configured either as a near or off side saddle by reversing the movable horns.  Some cracking and crazing. Billets & bottom appear new.  Generally good condition.
CONS5002 $2,200 Mayhew 23 x 13.5 W Mayhew fitting, leather, and Scotts stirrup Wide pommels, leather seat, nice condition
CONS5045 $850 Elan 21.5 x 13 W Leather, safety stirrup, balance Black leather with suede seat and pommels, in like new condition
CONS5007 $1,200 Martin & Martin       Bent upright pommel; well used but sound
CONS5009 $2,400 Bunney 21 x 12.5 M Mayhew fitting & leather, 48" girth Lovely saddle on linen with VA hunting provenance
CONS5010 $2,200 Champion & Wilton 23.5 x 14 M C&W fitting, leather and astride stirrup tacked flocking in panels; needs point pocket repair; otherwise in beautiful shape
CONS5012 $900 19th century side saddle 21 x 13 M Roller bar, astride leather, astride stirrup no cutback, narrow leather pommels, on leather, crupper ring, y balance, padded safe, new underleather and panels, hankie pocket. Priced to move.
CONS5021 $1,300 Wilkinson & Kidd Park Saddle 21 x 13 MW NA roller bar Leather seat and narrow leather pommels, padded safe on serge, likely a park saddle not reinforced for jumping
CONS5022 $1,700 Martin & Martin  20.5 x 11.5 M bullseye fitting, leather and egg eye stirrup, balance doeskin seat & pommels, new offside balance billet and gullet liner, leather panels, rotting stitching at underleather; some pommel patching
CONS5030 $1,200 Western General Goodnight 19.5 x 13 MN NA New fleece, stirrup, leather and leather seat overlay; purse on off side
CONS5150 $5,000 Hermes  23 x 14 MW NA Some cracking & crazing, leather seat, on leather, doeskin pommels, C&W style fitting no loop
CONS5223 $2,300 Steele Equitation Adj x 13 W leather, peacock safety stirrup Suede seat and pommels leather covered bars, like new condition; seat length can be adjusted from 20" - 22"
CONS5578 $1,900 Knoud 22 x 13 W C&W fitting, leather suede overlay seat, stirrup leather but no iron
EL105 $500 Catalog Side Saddle 17 x 15 M NA Beautiful, all original, and unique catalog/western side saddle.  It rides exceptionally nicely;  good size for a shorter adult or a youth rider. Double rigged. Original Tapadero stirrup. Needs underside lining of safe re-stitched and new fleece lining. Seat has daisy pattern that is really cute. Contact the saddle's owner directly at
TSS1001 $1,400 Whippy 21.5 x 12 M NA roller bar Narrow pommels, dual pos leaping head, a few patches; suede overlay seat; seat repair has visible tacks
TSS1002 $1,800 Knoud 22 x 14 M bullseye fitting, leather and astride stirrup Missing offside hinge arm, new dee on offside, dual pos leaping head, curly skirt, wide upright pommel; narrow leaping head, leather seat, pommels and bottom; some scratches and staining
TSS1003 $2,100 Mayhew - rebuilt 21 x 13 W Mayhew fitting, new leather, egg eye stirrup, some water stains Leather seat, wide leather pommels, restore done over damaged cantle
TSS1004 $1,700 Martin & Martin  20 x 12 M Mayhew fitting, leather, and old egg eye stirrup, cover linen panels, leather seat, narrow leather pommels, broken cantle
TSS1005 $1,500 Champion & Wilton 21.5 x 12 W NA doeskin seat, dark linen, narrow leather pommels, some leather patching, needs point pocket repair
TSS1006 $1,800 Champion & Wilton style 23 x 13 M NA New billets, dual pos leaping head, panels down, on new serge, narrow pommels, padded safe, stained suede seat
TSS1007 $1,500 Whippy 21 x 13 W NA Water damage, wide leather pommels, leather seat, dual pos leaping head
TSS1008 $2,200 A Watt & Sons (Whippy/Champion & Wilton clone) 21 x 12 N NA Narrow leather pommels, leather seat, leg block C&W fitting, on serge, narrow channel
TSS1010 $2,200 Mayhew Lissadell 23 x 14 M NA leather pommels & seat on linen, some tearing on panel
TSS1011 $1,500 Unmarked side saddle 21 x 12.5 M Roller bar, astride leather, astride stirrup dual pos leaping head, leather narrow pommels and seat on linen, padded safe, deep scratch on seat
TSS1012 $1,500 Mayhew Lissadell 22 x 13 M NA  
TSS1033 $1,400 London Harness 22 x 12 M NA roller bar Wide set upright pommel, narrow leather pommels and seat on serge, leaping head needs washer; for hi-withered horse
TSS1099 $1,400 Western 19 x 13 N NA New fleece; broken stitching on seat; new leathers, no stirrup
TSS1103 $1,800 Smith of Nottingham 21 x 12.5 M C&W style fitting, leather and egg eye stirrup suede seat, doeskin wide pommels, suede padded safe, not orig stirrup fitting cover - needs safety loop, on serge with new gullet liner
TSS1104 $1,000 CC Cooper Western 17 x 11 M NA Deep seat
TSS1105 $1,800 Champion & Wilton 21.5 x 12.5 M NA dark pigskin seat, painted/light aniline flaps, new linen, leather seat, wide pommels, point pocket needs repair; point protector on off side needs glue; new overgirth; some damage to upright pommel
TSS1106 $1,200 Champion & Wilton style 23 x 12.5 MN C&W fitting, leather and vintage astride stirrup New linen, new overgirth and balance billet, leather seat, point pocket stitching going, pommels show some damage
TSS1107 $900 Victorian  20 x 13.5 N NA roller bar quilted doeskin seat, safe, slightly cut back; on serge
TSS1202 $1,200 WB Ten Eyke Goodnight 19.5 x 14 M NA  light quilted leather seat, Stamped WB Ten Eyke, MT
TSS1215 $4,450 Steele Silverado Western 22 x 15 W Balance New tan saddle with scalloped round skirts, silver
TSS1487 $1,200 Western  18 x 12.5 N NA Stamped JF Reisacher, off side purse, needs stitching, center fire rigged, scalloped skirting
TSS1533 $4,000 Goodnight Western SC Gallup  20 x 14 M NA This gorgeous, highly collectible saddle has a beautifully quilted doeskin seat and pommels,&  fur purse.  Ready to ride.
TSS1634 $1,600 London Harness/Martin & Martin 20 x 12.5 M roller bar, feed-thru leather Leather seat, narrow leather pommels (one suede), padded safe needs tack or two, linen panels, tear starting in seat, dual pos leaping head, missing dees
CONS 5015 $2,600 Champion & Wilton 22 x 14 M C&W fitting Newly reflocked; narrow leather pommels; on leather
CONS 5300 $2,200 Martin & Martin 22 x 13.75 M 2 balance girths; fitting, leather and iron Bullseye fitting, leather seat and pommels, on linen, lovely condition - stamped #1486.
CONS 5299 $1,450 Steele Pleasure

20 x 15 W Leather, iron and 2 balance girths

Tan color with brown napped seat and pommel, excellent condition overall. Priced to move.

CONS 5288 $2,000 Pretal 24.5 x 14 MW Leather, peacock iron

Suitable for the large horse and rider.  Leather seat and pommels, and leather panels

CONS 5290 $3,500 Champion & Wilton 22 x 12.5 M Leather, iron, fleece saddle cover

Exceptional saddle ready to show.  Wide doeskin pommels and doeskin seat, on serge

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